Amarula Original Marula Fruit & Cream Liqueur 50ML, Notes of Fruits and Cream


Amarula Cream Liqueur 50ml Miniatures Amarula is a South African liqueur, produced from fresh cream and the unique fruit of the Marula tree. Enjoy it on the rocks, in Dom...

Beacon Chocolate Hens Eggs (South Africa) 27g x 6 eggs


Iconic South African Beacon candy coated milk chocolate eggs with a crunchy outer white shell and delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate on the inside.

Beacon Fizzers

$3.00 – $11.00

Indulge in the effervescent joy of Beacon Fizzers, a beloved South African sweet sensation. These fizzy delights captivate your taste buds with bursts of fruity flavours. Elevate your candy experience...

Beacon Jelly Tots Original 100g


Satisfy your sweet tooth with our iconic Beacon Jelly Tots! Made in South Africa and weighing 100g, these delightful sweets are perfect for indulging in a burst of fruity flavours....

Beacon Liquorice All Sorts Minis 75g

$5.00 – $13.00

Indulge in a taste of South African nostalgia with Beacon Liquorice All Sorts Minis! These delectable bite-sized treats will transport you back to your childhood with every chew. Satisfy your...

Beacon Marshmallow Eggs- Single


The delectable delight of Beacon Marshmallow Eggs! This classic South African treat is sure to bring back nostalgia with every bite. Soft and fluffy marshmallows are coated in a decadent...

Beacon Wilsons Jelly Tots Original 41g

$5.00 – $21.00

Indulge in a taste of South African  sweets with Beacon Wilsons Jelly Tots. This irresistible 41g bag of the  South African treats offer a burst of fruity flavours.  Perfect for on-the-go...

Build Your Own YeboBox.


Build Your Own Custom YeboBox    

Cadbury Chomp


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a 30g bar of Cadbury Chomp! Made in Australia, this delicious treat offers the same great taste as the South African chocolate bar Indulge in this...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut 80g South Africa


Indulge in a moment of pure bliss with Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut. This 80g bar was crafted in South Africa from the finest milk and nuts. Rich, creamy and...

Crown National Safari Biltong Spice 200g


Indulge in the rich, bold flavours of South African spices with Crown National Safari Biltong Spice. Craft your own mouth-watering biltong using this authentic blend of South African spices. Elevate...

Crown National Six Gun Grill Multipurpose Seasoning


A well balanced South African spice blend, containing celery, onion, paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper. Ideal for grilled beef, chicken, lamb as well as potjies, mince and stews.A great flavoursome...

Cubbs Salad Dressing - Vinaigrette Range - French Flavour 20g


The Cubbs Salad Dressing range is a super tasty, easy to mix, ready for any Zesty Salads!  We only use the freshest, highest quality herbs and spices in all our...

Dry Wors 100g Made With Authentic South African Spices


Experience the bold and mouth-watering flavour of original Dry Wors with this 100g pack. Made with authentic South African spices, each bite will transport you to the vibrant and rich...

Exim Honey and Pineapple Flavored Glaze 1kg- Tropical pineapple flavor natural sweetness glaze


Elevate your dishes with the delightful combination of Exim Honey and Pineapple Glaze, a perfect blend of natural sweetness and tropical flavours. This 1kg pack of glaze offers a versatile...

Freddy Hirsch Spices For Biltong, Dry Wors, Boerewors and more.

$8.00 – $30.00

Experience the authentic flavours of South Africa with Freddy Hirsch's original spices. The iconic specially crafted blends of spices will give your Boerewors, Biltong and Dry Wors the authentic taste...

Freshpak Pure Rooibos Tea - 80 Tea Bags

$10.00 – $40.00

Experience the rich and smooth taste of Freshpak Pure Rooibos Tea - 80 Tea Bags! Made from authentic South African Rooibos leaves, this tea is packed with antioxidants and essential...

Freshpak Tagless Teabags Rooibos 40s


Indulge in the rich and flavourful taste of Freshpak Tagless Teabags Rooibos. Made with authentic South African Rooibos tea, this pack includes 40 tea bags for an indulgent and convenient...

Frisco South African Coffee


Get ready to experience the bold and flavourful taste of Frisco South African Coffee! 100g of the premium, iconic instant coffee and chicory mix, every cup will transport you to...

Fritos Barbecue Flavoured South African Chips 120g

$6.00 – $70.00

Satisfy your craving with Fritos Barbecue Flavoured South African Chips. Made from high-quality ingredients, these South African crisps pack a bold, tangy flavour that will leave your taste buds tingling....

Fritos Tomato South African Chips 120 g

$6.00 – $70.00

Indulge in the unique and bold flavours of Fritos Tomato South African Chips! These crispy chips are packed with the savoury taste of real tomatoes, providing a burst of flavour...

Hunters Biltong Bundle

$20.00 – $40.00

Unravel the Taste of Hunters Biltong Bundle Tender Slices of Dry Cured Beef with true South African Flavour. 10 * 28g Resealable Pouches An ambient product, no need to refrigerate.Biltong...

Hunters Biltong Original/Chilli/Garlic/peppered Classic Beef Biltong

$4.00 – $79.00

Available in different packaging, Hunter's Biltong is crafted with the finest quality meat, ensuring a delicious and satisfying snack. Choose from a variety of flavours, including Original, Chilli, Garlic cracked...

Huntsman Biltong Spice 1kg


Huntsman Biltong Spice 1kg: A Taste of South Africa in Your Home The Huntsman Biltong Spice is an authentic South African spice blend that gives you the perfect taste of...

Iwisa No.1 Maize Meal

$5.00 – $32.00

Experience the delicious flavors of South Africa with Iwisa No.1 Maize Meal! A staple in South African cuisine, this versatile ingredient, also known as Pap, Sadza, or Mealie Meal, is...

J C Le Roux Le Domaine


Indulge in Elegance with JC Le Roux Le Domaine Wine – A Taste of South African Splendour (750ml) Savour the essence of South African sophistication with JC Le Roux Le...

Klipdrift and Cola 275 ml Premix


Savor the rich heritage of South African craftsmanship with Klipdrift and Cola, a perfectly blended premixed drink in a convenient 275ml bottle. Immerse yourself in the smooth, warm embrace of...

Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn - South Africa's Finest 415g | Ideal for Braais and Unforgettable Moments

$6.00 – $36.00

Indulge in the delightful Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn, a 415g tin of pure goodness that adds a touch of magic to your braais and other memorable moments with family and friends....

KWV Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

$24.00 – $165.00

Manhattan Romantics aka Pinkies


Indulge in the sweet romance of Manhattan Romantics, also known as Pinkies! Each pack contains 25g of delicious South African sweets. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or sharing with...

Maynards Wine Gum Roll South African Original Rolls

$3.00 – $19.00

Indulge in the rich and original flavor of Maynards Wine Gums in a convenient South African roll! Made with the finest ingredients, this 39g pack is perfect for satisfying your...

Mazoe Orange Cordial 2L - Refreshingly Tangy Citrus Drink

$17.00 – $99.00

Indulge in the refreshing taste of Mazoe Orange Cordial. Made with real orange, this tangy citrus drink is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. Satisfy your taste...

Moirs Custard South Africa 250 g


Experience the Best Taste with Moirs Custard Powder Moirs Custard Powder has been a household name in South Africa for generations. It's a versatile, easy-to-prepare dessert topping that can be...

Namakwa South African Drywors Spice 1.1KG


Experience the Unique Flavor of Namakwa South African Drywors Spice Namakwa Drywors Spice 1,1kg Tantalize your taste buds with Namakwa Dry wors Spice! This 1.1kg South African recipe, inspired by...

Nestle Smarties (South Africa) 70g


Tantalize your taste buds with Nestle Smarties! Enjoy the nostalgic taste of this South African treat. Perfect for any occasion, it's sure to satisfy all your cravings! 

Ouma Buttermilk Rusks Chunky 500g South African Rusks

$10.00 – $60.00

 Savour the tradition of comfort with Ouma Rusks, South Africa's favourite crunchy delight. These rusks are a timeless treat, baked to perfection for a comforting, hearty crunch. Perfectly paired with...

PVM Energy Bar 45g (Strawberry) - Nourishing Snack for Active Lifestyles and On-the-Go Energy


Elevate your energy with PVM Energy Bar! South Africa's favourite energy bar snack. Packed with high protein and a source of essential vitamins and minerals, perfect for your active lifestyle and on-the-go...

PVM Energy Bar Chocolate 45g Bar from South Africa. Perfect Nourishment For Busy Lifestyles


Indulge in the rich and delicious PVM Energy Bar Chocolate from South Africa. 45g Bar perfect for busy lifestyles, this bar provides nourishment on-the-go. Enjoy a burst of energy and...

Rascals Fruity Fruit Flavoured Chews 50g

$4.00 – $19.00

Indulge in the bold and vibrant flavors of South African Sweets with Rascals Fruity Fruit Flavoured Chews! Bursting with fruity goodness, these chewy treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and...

Safari Fruit Roll Apricot 80g

$8.00 – $37.00

Safari Fruit Roll Apricot 80g Pack Safari Fruit Roll Apricot is a delicious and nutritious snack made from the finest dried apricots in South Africa. It is packed with vitamins...

Sally Williams Milk Chocolate Nougat

$5.00 – $50.00

Indulge in the legendary taste of Sally Williams Milk Chocolate Nougat. The classic, delicious nougat enrobed in smooth, rich chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth and experience the best of South...

Simba Ghost Pops 100g - South African Tangy Tomato and Herb Snack for All Ages

$5.00 – $66.00

Indulge in the irresistible flavours of South African Tangy Tomato chips with Simba Ghost Pops! These crispy, savoury snacks are perfect for all ages and will satisfy any craving with...

Simba Mrs. Balls Chutney South African Chips 125g

$5.00 – $28.00

Indulge in the bold flavours of Simba Mrs. Balls Chutney South African Chips! Made with deliciously tangy Mrs. Balls chutney and crispy, golden chips, this snack will take your taste...

Sliced Authentic Biltong 50g Made With South African Spices


Fuel your taste buds with the bold and flavourful sliced Authentic Biltong! Made with authentic South African spices, each 50g serving is a deliciously satisfying experience. Enjoy the rich, savoury...

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