South Africa is known for many things its beauty, amazing weather, diverse culture, and wildlife but it is also known for the following amazing wines, delicious food, and crafts.

We look at the top eight things that South Africa is Famous for.

  • Handicrafts and souvenirs: Visitors can purchase traditional beaded jewellery, woven baskets, and other handcrafted items that reflect South Africa's diverse cultural heritage.
  • Fashion and textiles: South Africa is home to a number of emerging and established fashion designers, and there are also many street markets and shops where visitors can purchase traditional textiles and clothing.
  • Art and antiques: Cape Town and Johannesburg are home to a number of art galleries and antique shops, where visitors can purchase works by local artists and find unique vintage pieces.
  • Food and wine: South Africa is known for its delicious wines and food products like biltong (dried meat), rusks, and rooibos tea. Visitors can purchase these items at local supermarkets, delis, and markets.
  • Wildlife and nature-related items: South Africa is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and visitors can purchase items related to these animals, such as stuffed animals, carvings, and other souvenirs.
  • Jewellery: South Africa is known for its diamond and gold mines, and visitors can purchase high-quality jewellery at competitive prices.
  • Sport: South Africa is famous for sporting prowess with in particular Rugby and the beloved Springboks team and Cricket being sports that south Africa excels in on the international stage
  • Music: South African artists are gaining prominence on the world stage in genres as diverse as Rock and Metal, Jazz, Folk and World Beats.